Seattle Freestyle Frisbee

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General Info:

Seattle Players

Steve Hays

Steve the beast . The greatest teacher of the sport.


Ryan Young

Enthusiastic.  Always has a smile.  Will play till the last person leaves the field.

Johnny Trevino

Born a hacky sack player, lives on to be a Freestyle Jammer .

Sarah Bergman

I lightest person of the sport, still plays HARD

Mike Galloupe


Seattle offers some of the best Freestyle Frisbee players in the world.  A few have been playing for over 20 years, and compete in tournaments all around the globe.  More importantly, players from Seattle form one of the best communities to learn how to play Frisbee.  So don’t be shy, come on out and we’ll give you a throw.




Mary Lowry

School Teacher by day, Freestyle Jammer by night.

A well be balance player. Very fun to watch.

One of the best players in the world.

 Who doesn't want to be Randy when you grow up.

Neil Tolland

Cindy St. Mary

Randy Silvey

 Has a unique style.  Great father.  Very nice guy.

John Titcomb

 Plays hard, works hard. Long time Jammer.

Jeff Kruger

Yoga teacher with a passion  for the sport.

Charlene Powell

 Long limb. With very good control. Amazing act to see.

Bob Boulware

Master of the Saderizer.

Rick Sader

Athletic, Flexible. Know how to have a good time.

Matt Gauthier

Great guy. Awesome role model.

Jake Gauthier

If you haven’t heard about Lisa. You must live under rock because she “ROCKS”

Lisa Hunrichs

All around disc player

Lori Daniels